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In service in the US since 1971, the Spectra Series Busway design provides reliable . Complying with UL857 and NEMA BU-1 standards, Spectra provides reliable power supply in critical environments.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced Blue Coat* Epoxy Insulation, lasting for 50 years.
  • Short-circuit ratings up to 200,000 Amps.
  • All Spectra Series bus bars are integrity-tested with 5000Vac-for optimum performance.
  • Outdoor, drip-proof, splash-proof joints, suitable for different application environments.
  • Single Bolted Washer joint design,+/- 1/2 in. length adjustment at each joint.
  • Spectra series busway has excellent low-voltage-drop value due to an optimized structural design.